Hi there! 👋

My name Rafa Pagés and I'm a tech enthusiast with a passion for Product. I'm one of the founders of Volograms, a startup that creates awesome photorealistic volumetric 3D humans using Generative AI, as the one above!👆

At Volograms, I led the development of several AI-powered products, such as Volu, the first mobile volumetric video platform, which has processed more than 3 million 3D models; Vologram Messages, the most innovative way to communicate with your audience using volumetric 3D holograms and WebAR; or Vologram Studio, the most versatile volumetric video solution, working with all kinds of camera setups.🤓

Volograms has been recognised as one of Europe’s hottest startups according to WIRED magazine, we have been featured on CNN and Sky News among other media, and our technology has been used by thousands of users, including brands such as HUGO BOSS, Samsung, Mars Wrigley, Vodafone, and many more!

I’ve been working in the 3D reconstruction field for 13+ years, both as an entrepreneur and also as a researcher (with 25+ papers and patents published). Follow me on Twitter/X to see some of our work. 😎